Jbronze's Body Mitt is the perfect product to use for easy all over application of your self tan. It lets you reach every part of your body, including the middle of you back and is reusable. For best results, wash mitt before use and wait until completely dry before using.

Jbronze Back Applicator Mitt

  • Directions for leg application

    1. Apply tanning product to each end of the mitt.
    2. Bring under the leg and place your hand in each mitt end.
    3. Glide both hands over the leg in an upwards motion

    Directions for back application

    1. Apply tanning the product to the middle of the mitt.
    2. Put one hand in one mitt and bring the center of the mitt around your back, placing your other hand in the other mitt.
    3. Using side to side motions, work the mitt up and down your back.
    4. Check in the mirror to ensure you have covered your back evenly.
    5. To reach you upper back, take one hand out of one mitt, bring mitt over one shoulder and re-insert your hand into the other mitt.
    6. Using up and down motions, work the mitt over your back and shoulders.

    Directions of arm and body applcication

    1. Apply tanning product to the mitt ends
    2. Bring the whole mitt ot the front of your body, put your hands in each mitt.
    3. glide the mitt over the arms, chest, stomach and body to complete tanning.

    Hand wash your Mitt with warm water (no soap or detergent) and leave to dry before your first application. Repeat between applications. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Line dry in shade. Do not leave damp.

    Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Mitt can be used multiple times, replace once inner protective layer has deteriorated.

    100% Nylon