Our luxurious Multi-Mineral formula features corrective microspheres that provide gentle antioxidant protection, boost skin hydration and create a “soft focus” effect around the eye area for a flawless finish. Loaded with super hydrating ingredients, this wonder concealer retains 1800 times its own water weight, flooding the skin with moisture and plumping the under-eye area so fine lines are airbrushed out. This skin-perfecting concealer also reflects light is so powerful when applied to the under-eye area that it erases any trace of a dark circle or shadow. It also highlights and adds volume to the cheekbones, creating that youthful angle of beauty on the face.

Airbrush Mineral Concealer Light/Medium

    • To enhance longevity apply Skin Refining Face Primer under eyes without getting too close to the eye area

    Airbrush Finish Mineral Concealer is one of our most iconic products in our collection. Achieve the best results using our V technique. To create the V start tracing your line along the side of the nose, up under the eye and down the cheekbone. Then proceed to fill in the triangle with the concealer. For added highlight apply to the chin, cupids bow, bridge of the nose and the forehead. Using our Foundation Brush 150, dab the product into the skin without wiping or swiping until the product has blended into your foundation. Our V technique targets the two hot spots - the cheekbones and dark circle areas. Creating the illusion that these areas are lifted is the key to a more youthful appearance. Our skin perfecting concealer reflects light so powerfully when applied to the under eye area that it erases any trace of a dark circle or shadow. It also highlights and adds volume to the cheekbones. This technique instantly lifts the face, creating high, defined cheekbones while eliminating under eye shadows. The aim is to enhancing and bring the eyes to life. By reducing the shadow underneath the eyes, the focus shifts higher on the face, which means that we appear more youthful. Apply along the brow bone and blend to highlight the brow bone, giving the brows an instant lift

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